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~ Thursday, March 22 ~

Too Early.

Dear readers,

           I can’t find my tweezers.  I also walked in on a spider in my bathroom at 4:00 am.  I walked around it slowly to do my business and stared at it as I finished.  I’m not sure how I did this half-asleep, but I ripped a cardboard in half, trapped the spider with an empty tissue paper roll, covered the top with one half of the cardboard, and the bottom with the other half.  I don’t remember how I opened the door to leave the washroom, but I did, and crept into the living room towards the balcony.  Somehow, I opened the door to my balcony and unleashed the spider over the edge.  

           I couldn’t find it.  I went back to sleep.

           I woke up an hour later and asked Mom if it means anything if I see a spider standing still first thing in the morning.  She shrugged.  When I spider crawls up the wall, it’s good luck.  If it crawls down the wall, it’s bad luck.  What if it stands still?  Hm…

           I’m already hungry.  It’s a bit too early, don’t you think?  I have exams in exactly two weeks, an essay due this Friday, next Tuesday, and a presentation on Wednesday.

           My OSAP has finally come.  I love how it comes now.  Each time I transfer a portion into my savings, more come.  They won’t stop.  On top of that, I got paid!

… why does this hurt my head?

           And did you know The Situation’s dad calls himself The Confrontation?  Do you watch Jersey Shore?

I don’t.

           And hey!  What is up with these elderly customers these days?  There was this man who I accidently overcharged, and when my manager was going to help him, she took his receipt to the office to check to make sure it was an overcharge.  This customer was absolutely impatient and started banging on the office door.  Let me just say something: if you want to be treated as a good customer, bea good customer.  You earn respect; it doesn’t get handed to you on a silver platter.
           Anyways, this is the shortest blog ever and I’m way too tired this morning.  Coffee?  Absolutely.  Pantslessness?  Perhaps.  Magic carpet lifting me off the ground and taking me to school?  Fuck, no!  As much as I like the idea, I like my feet on the ground, thank you very much.  However, I will like to make an exchange of that offer by punching a hobo in the face and breaking the last of his teeth.  Yeah.

          It’s 6.07 am and this is Timmay signing off… for now.  Have a good day!

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